Waterloo Farm

Waterloo Farm

New Mexico

Property Types
  • Acreage
  • Farm
Property Features
  • Corrals
  • Grain Storage
  • Home
  • Work Shop


Waterloo Farm is well, watered farm in an area that grows specialty crops as well as hay, grain and cotton. This property is a larger farm and involves an underground drip irrigation system, which provides efficiency in water delivery for optimal production.

The property is comprised of 1,419.581+/- acres with 896.37 acres with water rights. Cultivated lands include 750.79+/- acres with the balance being improvements site and rangelands. The farm is irrigated with drip irrigation tape and flood irrigation.

The farm can grow a wide variety of crops. Crops grown include beans, onions, watermelon, chile, cotton, alfalfa, corn, and other varieties. The farm is planted in alfalfa, long staple cotton and wheat for forage hay.

Waterloo Farm has a full compliment of buildings including the following:
Home #1 - 3-bedroom brick home, +/-2000 SF and has been remodeled
Home #2 -2-bedroom adobe home, +/- 2160 SF and has been remodeled and contains the farm office.
Home #3 - partially updated.
Adobe Shop - +/-1,200 SF
Equipment storage building - +/-5,000 SF
Equipment storage building #2, +/-900 SF
Hay storage building -+/-7,000 SF
Corrals on the south end of the property
Five silos for grain storage, equipped with high capacity fans for drying.


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